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My blood consist of: Arabian,Malay and Chinese. I enjoy singing and dancing. I love art& beauty. I love classic and vintage thinggy.I love poem and creates one. I would love to reading book too,such as a wisdom book or any motivation book. I dont play any social networking except blogger. I love self treatment,some useful tricks and tips for my life.Sometimes I would like to express myself in here.I would like to write down some review about my life, or any else. One thing: I always feel blessed. Feel it everyday and stay happy! I hope I can inspired u eventho it is a lil thing. Hope U enjoy my blog.I always wish U have a great day there and remember U can't always got what U want but at least GOD have giving u a beautiful chance to smell a beautiful rose! Kiss, chiaki

Lets explain bout the product 1st

I bought it with IDR 290,000, This Product is from US, PROVO but being produced in RRC

The benefits of this product:
- Provides essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities and dead skin
- Revitalizes the body with an invigorating exfoliating action
- Smooths dry, rough areas
- Improves skin tone and texture
- Rinses away completely without leaving a residue that can dry and irritate skin
- 100% soap-free

Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Walnut Shell Powder, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Triethanolamine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Carbomer, Lauramide DEA, Fragrance, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.
Walnut Husk 3.0%

What I love from these products is because :
• Walnut husks—finely ground to exfoliate and remove dry,
rough patches of skin.
• Aloe vera—soothes and nurtures skin.
• Humectants—attract moisture and prevent dryness during the
exfoliation process.

It gimme the glow of my skin after I applied these and make my skin become extremely smooth and silky soft after I do my shaving ritual. Yeap I always polished the whole of my skin. And when U try to scrub these on your body, I promise you, you will see the dead skin cells being removed in the soft way. Unlike the body scrub on the market. Sometimes it can injure my skin if I rub too hard.

I will reveal it to you the texture. Its kinda creamy but have a fresh pleasant smell like tooth paste

After I spread it on my hand, U will see the walnut husk

And if you try to rub it gently it will barmy a bit..remember thats not a soap foam instead of the gel that causing it.

When you rub harder, you will starting to see the walnut hush removed the dirt dead skin cell with the wall nut husk (Don't adding any water, Just rub it on dry skin so its more effective for you to remove the dead skin cell away)

And I know U will feel EEWWW ;)

I applied it and rub til whole of my hand so U will see the glow of my skin after I finished the ritual. I did't feel oily instead I feel fresh and feel clean plus MOIST~

After I clean it the water, yet U can see the glow hunny..

Oh how I really HIGHLY recommended U to try these ladies. I just salute these product, it can remove the dirt cell without making our skin dry. Its really make me feel like baby soft skin and I feel happy to touch my own body skin.
Its worth to the money that we spend for this piece. And It's really safe for the sensitive skin ;)

Note: My sista nopfei, I was forgotten, because you can't use the face shop body scrub for your sensitive skin, why don't U try these?I guess U haven't try this yet, right?

Oh you can do the scrubbing 1st before shaving, so the razor will get more close to reach the hair on our skin..enjoy the smoothness lady~

How it looks like?
Did I make U hungry?? I hope U can taste these too tho :( but too bad U can't

But don't worry. I will reveal you how to cook this. Without the instant sauce but U CAN MAKE YOUR OWN PASTA SAUCE

Well,these portion of the ingredients suitable for 5 people

1. Tomato : Just use half..this is too much..
2. Small chili or U can used paprika instead.
3. Garlic
4. Red onion
5. Large yellow onion
6. onion leaf
7. chicken meat ball
8. mincemeat
9. sweet soy sauce (a bit ONLY)
10. Oyster sauce (a bit ONLY)
11. broth (a bit ONLY)
12. Cornflour (mix it with quarter water)

then don't forget the La Fonte pasta

Then the tomato and chili sauce

Lets cook the pasta 1st. Boiled the water, REMEMBER U need to wait for the water boiled 1st then after that, U can put the pasta..U must wait til the pasta being cooked suits to your taste. I don't like the pasta too slackness.. so I just wait for a while. It takes me around 4 minutes. Then I sprinkle the onion leaf over the pasta.


Then the sauce,I used butter to cooked these..

Then wait the butter become melt. After that, U can cook the Large yellow onion 1st, cook til become yellow (put it aside of your pan) then after that U can adding the garlic,wait it again til yellow. then adding the red onion. wait til yellow too..

After that U can adding the mincemeat and the meatball then mix all the ingredients.
Then U can mix it with the red and green chili.After U cook for a while...U can put the chili and tomato sauce then adding the oyster sauce , broth and the sweet soy sauce.

Cook it till all mix together then adding water. then the cornflour water ,wait it til for a while.Then stir it til curdle. If U feel the sauce not curdle enough, U can adding again the corn flour just a bit :)

Then Sprinkle the green onion leaf..

Now we are ready for the meals, hmm... Its look yummy.....
the smell and the look really make me droll




Yeah these pretty give away being announced by Aiyoh.
It call as Crystal golden shadow starfish swarovski pendant on a 15.5 " sterling silver chain

I would like to win these as I love the shape..Remind me of sea and the crystal clear of the sea water. It must be pretty accessories if I wear these when I go to the beach.

Well..Its worth to try as you can see how beautiful the pendant.


A bunch of beauty product, such a giant give away from
1. CHANEL PARTICULIERE 505 nail polish from Spring 2010 collection (Do I need to tell you it is SOLD OUT everywhere? ;))
2. THE BODY SHOP Neroli Jasmin shower gel & body lotion (both 50ml)
3. MAYBELLINE Dream Sunglow Bronzing Booster
5. CIATE : One Coat a Day (base polish), Hang Over Cure (treatment for cuticles), Super Sexy Dry (drying drops)
6. CALVIN KLEIN Ultimate edge Gel Eyeliner in shade 301 Cocoa Sheen (with mini brush)
7. H&M BRACELET (pink coral color with gold, perfect for spring/summer)
8. CIATE Pink Nail File
9. JILL SANDER SUN EDT 100ml (without alcohol, perfect for summer)
10. NYX LIPSTICKS in 3 colours: Electra, Indian Pink, Circle
11. NAIL ART FIMO fruits (3x10)
13. MORGAN STREET Lip Balm Chocolate Cake
14. 5 SHE STYLEZONE Nailpolishes
15. OPI nailpolish LA- PAZ-ITIVELY HOT normal version + MATTE version
16. THE BODY SHOP RASPBERRY Body Butter 200ml
17. FRUCTIS Elastic Power Fix Hairspray

What a big temptation. You know what, Its not a second product.....
.....yeah I know U wanna scream "U kidding me??!!" NO, I'm not..lets scream together..aaaarrrrrhhhh :D
But ladies,I really MUST win these :)

A very special give away include MAC,DIOR, ELF, GOSH

1. ELF Studio Mini Make Up Collection including eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, blush & bronzer, lipgloss, brow powder, eyeliner & brushes.
2. Two 2True Eyeshadow Dazzlers in No. 3 (Lilac) and No. 5 (Green)
3. Gosh Dazzle Powder in Apple Jam
4. St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse
5. L'Oreal Cashmere Milk Expert Make-up Remover
6. FCUK Polished Body Spray
7. Max Factor Nail Polish in Disco Pink
8. MAC Nail Polish in Seasonal Peach
9. Body Shop Ananya Bath & Shower Gel 30ml
10. Body Shop Ananya Body Lotion 30ml
11. ELF Diamond Lash Palett
12. Next Sterling Silver flower ring
13. FCUK Lipgloss in nude
14. Gold coloured Love Necklace
15. Christian Dior Hardcore Purse/Wallet
16. Cream Corsage


I love these jewelery too..
Its really give the deep meaning actually for me. The jewelery use the moonstone..And I will reveal what the used of the moonstone..

Moonstone Gemstone meaning:
passionate love that will fly you to the moon
It is said if you give your lover a moonstone necklace when the moon is full you will always have passion with each other. Moonstone is a highly valued gemstone for these reasons:

Brings good fortune
Assists in foretelling the future
Enhances intuition
Promotes inspiration
Brings success in love as well as business matters
Offers protection on land and at sea

It just need the simple way to follow these.
Plus a bit luck :)
I will wish U luck and don't forget to wish me luck too ;p
so come join me by click the picture on my side bar. It will directly move you to the link.


Yeap!! They said so in these review http://www.acne.org/honey-mask-reviews/372/page3.html

So, I talked to myself, Why I didn't try it by myself?
But I ever tried it before, the mixture of honey with white egg..and it doesn't work and make me break outs. I admit I leave it over night on my face previously.

But more I read the review more I feel tempt..So I get up from my chair and have all the material on me.

I used the honey from the original forest honey that I get from my dad's friend whose give tat as a gift. You can see the bottle still full of..err..I dunno how to say :)
but maybe the residue of the bee's nest that stuck mix with the honey

Then I adding with some lemon

So I mix them all together. Then I applied it on my face for 20 mins. Then wash it with cold water. I prefer wash my mask with cold water so my pore won't received the dirt residue from my mask at least.

What I feel after I wash my face is I feel my face really moist and so fresh. I don't know what's the effect if I keep routine do these continuously . But certainly, I'm gonna keep doing these for several period and see hows the result with my acne scars.

After all, its worth to try ladies eventho U have oily skin type (Me myself have combination to oily skin type).

What I don't like is,its a bit sticky and feel eww..But the sweet smell help me to erase the feeling :p

Try these NOW, and tell me what U feel :p


In this International Earth day, I hope everyone give a lil bit time for their ownself to thinking bout this.

Do you ever experienced earthquake, tsunami or any worst disaster?Me myself?Yes I did, I had experienced the earthquake several time, A lil tornado that ever passed front of my house (luckily I'm still alive NOW). But trust me, these experienced really make me thinking to do something for the earth.

Let's take a sit, imagined it for a while,HOW if that thing happens to you, to your mom, to your kid or to any other person that you love so much...

Do you know you can become a great HERO for your ownself, other people even your grand children??

Lets take a look on the picture what can you do..

So I encourage u all, PLEASE DO LIL SOMETHING! I know you can!


My hair DO

So what do you think bout my new hair pin?
Do you know the hair pin actually not new one but I recycle it from my old stock on my treasure box?
It's kinda simple and easy actually..

What u need is only bandeau with beautiful stone that stick on it (Actually you also can make one by yourself) and mini black hair pin

so just pin around your bandeau on your hair with that pin and the closer look will be like these:

They just look beautiful and pretty in day time

Usually if I have spare time before I going out, I love to braid my hair.
Here see the result:

I love it after I released my hair braids, It will gimme natural wave tho..

SO I hope I can give you inspiration what can you do to make your hair look pretty and elegant

Have a nice day ladies


Ms. Melicu...Here I am give you the review,actually including to all my beautiful reader. Sorry I need quite long time to give the review due to the trial and error using these product. You know you can't doing the complete review if you didn't let the product work on yourself in long term use. Plus I need to make sure whether these product is giving good result on my face. FYI, I buy these product on 28 January 2010. Well, because seems like someone really waiting for these, I think this is the time

These Lohashill Essential Blemish Balm Cream made in Korea.The package have combination color green and black. One of favorite BB cream in Asia. It cost me IDR 150.ooo without the shipping fee.SO here is the explanation on itself packaging.

Front side

Back side

The texture of the cream is creamy but not heavy one. The smell quite pleasant like baby powder. Love the smell

Quite easy to blend to my skin,1st apply maybe its look a bit pale on our face
As u can see two color appear on my skin surface. Please click the image to the clear visibility.

After 3 mins ,It will blend perfectly on your skin and it will adapt on to your natural skin color, only a bit radiant but not look awkward :)

I combined these bb cream with palgantog thearitical powder, as I saw the testimonial who already become the buyer, they said that this is a good combination. So I bought the powder too.

After these product arrived, I directly applied it on my face.
1st, I feels the color really blend well on my face.
2nd. It quite control the face oily.
3rd. I don't like the color that a bit dark when I combine it with palgantong powder
4th. I don't need to touch up the face as I love the oily healthy look that will appear after 12 hours used

In several days, these cream really amazed me. It minimize the small pimple. Usually I have it on around my cheeks. For several weeks , I really enjoy in washing my face. But after 1 month, I found the dryness on my face and the small pimple back again but not as much as last time. For temporary what I can say is, this bb cream seems like not really work perfectly on me in the long term use. I don't know bout others said but personally, I still feels like not yet found the best bb cream.

I still admit my small pimple not appear as often as last time.So I'm gonna keep used these 'til it finish as it didn't break out my face too.
For temporary I give 2,5 out of 5.


Well, I really love to see people with brightening and whitening skin plus in smooth in healthy way. That's way I have a lil' dream, one day I'm gonna have that type of skin.
I'm kinda addicted to whitening product to apply to my skin til become a bit stupid in purchasing something w/out thinking 1st.

One day, I browse via net, I saw these product called Milky Dress Whitening Lotion, made in japan with contain 250g inside. I purchased these quite long time ago.

I ask the seller whether these lotion as a daily lotion or only in several occasion purpose? She told me more often I used these more often my skin turn to bright and when I apply on my skin it won't look awkward. So without a lot of consideration I buy one. It cost me around IDR 375000 without shipping fee.

When the things had arrived in my place, I directly trying applied it on overall my body.
Geez, U know what?these things really make me look awkward. Its not natural white color that appear on my skin instead it make me look like a clown or theater dancer.

If u wanna make ur skin looking healthy white and natural, I suggest you, dont pick these lotion. U can used these if only U have quite bright skin, so it won't look silly on u, or maybe when u have occasion ONLY. So don't misunderstood by thinking these lotion really help u to turn yourself to have natural white skin,no it won't babe.Trust me. Instead U wanna look awkward in your white color skin, go ahead then :)

I'm gonna show u the texture of cream, feel creamy like cake cream but not oily.

So,this is the shot that picture one with MILKY lotion, the other one, I put nothing

Maybe in these picture, U can see how natural it is. But not in person.

These lotion ever embarrassing me when I try to apply on my leg, I'm quite sure I put it on overall my leg, but after few minutes, it turn my leg to the weird color and become the center of attention. Gee..

So overall, I won't purchased these things again because it only embarrassing me with the result and I'm not happy with it. Its not equal to the price tho


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