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My blood consist of: Arabian,Malay and Chinese. I enjoy singing and dancing. I love art& beauty. I love classic and vintage thinggy.I love poem and creates one. I would love to reading book too,such as a wisdom book or any motivation book. I dont play any social networking except blogger. I love self treatment,some useful tricks and tips for my life.Sometimes I would like to express myself in here.I would like to write down some review about my life, or any else. One thing: I always feel blessed. Feel it everyday and stay happy! I hope I can inspired u eventho it is a lil thing. Hope U enjoy my blog.I always wish U have a great day there and remember U can't always got what U want but at least GOD have giving u a beautiful chance to smell a beautiful rose! Kiss, chiaki

Ms. Melicu...Here I am give you the review,actually including to all my beautiful reader. Sorry I need quite long time to give the review due to the trial and error using these product. You know you can't doing the complete review if you didn't let the product work on yourself in long term use. Plus I need to make sure whether these product is giving good result on my face. FYI, I buy these product on 28 January 2010. Well, because seems like someone really waiting for these, I think this is the time

These Lohashill Essential Blemish Balm Cream made in Korea.The package have combination color green and black. One of favorite BB cream in Asia. It cost me IDR 150.ooo without the shipping fee.SO here is the explanation on itself packaging.

Front side

Back side

The texture of the cream is creamy but not heavy one. The smell quite pleasant like baby powder. Love the smell

Quite easy to blend to my skin,1st apply maybe its look a bit pale on our face
As u can see two color appear on my skin surface. Please click the image to the clear visibility.

After 3 mins ,It will blend perfectly on your skin and it will adapt on to your natural skin color, only a bit radiant but not look awkward :)

I combined these bb cream with palgantog thearitical powder, as I saw the testimonial who already become the buyer, they said that this is a good combination. So I bought the powder too.

After these product arrived, I directly applied it on my face.
1st, I feels the color really blend well on my face.
2nd. It quite control the face oily.
3rd. I don't like the color that a bit dark when I combine it with palgantong powder
4th. I don't need to touch up the face as I love the oily healthy look that will appear after 12 hours used

In several days, these cream really amazed me. It minimize the small pimple. Usually I have it on around my cheeks. For several weeks , I really enjoy in washing my face. But after 1 month, I found the dryness on my face and the small pimple back again but not as much as last time. For temporary what I can say is, this bb cream seems like not really work perfectly on me in the long term use. I don't know bout others said but personally, I still feels like not yet found the best bb cream.

I still admit my small pimple not appear as often as last time.So I'm gonna keep used these 'til it finish as it didn't break out my face too.
For temporary I give 2,5 out of 5.


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