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Yeap!! They said so in these review http://www.acne.org/honey-mask-reviews/372/page3.html

So, I talked to myself, Why I didn't try it by myself?
But I ever tried it before, the mixture of honey with white egg..and it doesn't work and make me break outs. I admit I leave it over night on my face previously.

But more I read the review more I feel tempt..So I get up from my chair and have all the material on me.

I used the honey from the original forest honey that I get from my dad's friend whose give tat as a gift. You can see the bottle still full of..err..I dunno how to say :)
but maybe the residue of the bee's nest that stuck mix with the honey

Then I adding with some lemon

So I mix them all together. Then I applied it on my face for 20 mins. Then wash it with cold water. I prefer wash my mask with cold water so my pore won't received the dirt residue from my mask at least.

What I feel after I wash my face is I feel my face really moist and so fresh. I don't know what's the effect if I keep routine do these continuously . But certainly, I'm gonna keep doing these for several period and see hows the result with my acne scars.

After all, its worth to try ladies eventho U have oily skin type (Me myself have combination to oily skin type).

What I don't like is,its a bit sticky and feel eww..But the sweet smell help me to erase the feeling :p

Try these NOW, and tell me what U feel :p


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