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Yeap!! They said so in these review http://www.acne.org/honey-mask-reviews/372/page3.html

So, I talked to myself, Why I didn't try it by myself?
But I ever tried it before, the mixture of honey with white egg..and it doesn't work and make me break outs. I admit I leave it over night on my face previously.

But more I read the review more I feel tempt..So I get up from my chair and have all the material on me.

I used the honey from the original forest honey that I get from my dad's friend whose give tat as a gift. You can see the bottle still full of..err..I dunno how to say :)
but maybe the residue of the bee's nest that stuck mix with the honey

Then I adding with some lemon

So I mix them all together. Then I applied it on my face for 20 mins. Then wash it with cold water. I prefer wash my mask with cold water so my pore won't received the dirt residue from my mask at least.

What I feel after I wash my face is I feel my face really moist and so fresh. I don't know what's the effect if I keep routine do these continuously . But certainly, I'm gonna keep doing these for several period and see hows the result with my acne scars.

After all, its worth to try ladies eventho U have oily skin type (Me myself have combination to oily skin type).

What I don't like is,its a bit sticky and feel eww..But the sweet smell help me to erase the feeling :p

Try these NOW, and tell me what U feel :p



  1. Risyaa♥ said...
    Hi! I'm blogwalking~~
    I just found your blog^^

    A friend of mine use honey to mask her face every night & her skin looking flawless.
    I tried for myself but they make me breaks out somehow.
    I'd like to know the update to see hows the result with you acne scars in the future.
    If that works out for you, I shoul probably try them too~

    <3 Risya
    Aiyoh said...
    I use honey too as mask, and i love it.. you just have to be patient to see great results though.=),,
    Chiaki in here said...
    how long the result ?
    and how often U used these as a mask,hun?

    Hey hun..thx for dropping by :)
    I will make a review after 1 month.
    While for now, I will keep do these continuously.
    So just wait on 23 May ;)
    Musicalhouses said...
    Cool, your own homemade mask! I've always wanted to try the honey one, but the sticky factor just puts me off. But I'd like to see how it works out for you in the long run!
    Chiaki in here said...
    I have been doing these for 2 days..
    I combine honey with lemon and the next day honey with cinnamon,,
    Til now these honey really gimme good improvement day by day..
    I will give the before and after treatment picture later on on my next review :)
    just wait next one month hun :)

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