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My blood consist of: Arabian,Malay and Chinese. I enjoy singing and dancing. I love art& beauty. I love classic and vintage thinggy.I love poem and creates one. I would love to reading book too,such as a wisdom book or any motivation book. I dont play any social networking except blogger. I love self treatment,some useful tricks and tips for my life.Sometimes I would like to express myself in here.I would like to write down some review about my life, or any else. One thing: I always feel blessed. Feel it everyday and stay happy! I hope I can inspired u eventho it is a lil thing. Hope U enjoy my blog.I always wish U have a great day there and remember U can't always got what U want but at least GOD have giving u a beautiful chance to smell a beautiful rose! Kiss, chiaki

In this International Earth day, I hope everyone give a lil bit time for their ownself to thinking bout this.

Do you ever experienced earthquake, tsunami or any worst disaster?Me myself?Yes I did, I had experienced the earthquake several time, A lil tornado that ever passed front of my house (luckily I'm still alive NOW). But trust me, these experienced really make me thinking to do something for the earth.

Let's take a sit, imagined it for a while,HOW if that thing happens to you, to your mom, to your kid or to any other person that you love so much...

Do you know you can become a great HERO for your ownself, other people even your grand children??

Lets take a look on the picture what can you do..

So I encourage u all, PLEASE DO LIL SOMETHING! I know you can!



  1. Jenny said...
    that picture is adorable and creative! i also did a earth day post :)
    Chiaki in here said...

    I really glad U also concern bout our earth *hugs*

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