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My blood consist of: Arabian,Malay and Chinese. I enjoy singing and dancing. I love art& beauty. I love classic and vintage thinggy.I love poem and creates one. I would love to reading book too,such as a wisdom book or any motivation book. I dont play any social networking except blogger. I love self treatment,some useful tricks and tips for my life.Sometimes I would like to express myself in here.I would like to write down some review about my life, or any else. One thing: I always feel blessed. Feel it everyday and stay happy! I hope I can inspired u eventho it is a lil thing. Hope U enjoy my blog.I always wish U have a great day there and remember U can't always got what U want but at least GOD have giving u a beautiful chance to smell a beautiful rose! Kiss, chiaki

Omg ..One of pretty bloggers, invite me to win her giveaway on her blog. She is so confident that I will love her give away.

and U know what??She is really understanding me rather than "my man" LOL
Hope He won't read these...
And when I hit her page, its already 143 contestants Enter this give away. I still feels Its REALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN THESE. But deep inside my heart, Oh come on honey,Its not a big sin if I can give these a try. Plus its depend on my luck.

I just afraid I feel disappointed again after I join these. I just adding the person become a follower bcoz of the give away its kinda not worth tho sometimes. I just feel not fair, if I just adding her because wanna have free things after that I didnt check out their blog anymore except the people who feel happy with their full fake followers, I just don't want to be that kind of people ( I hope U don't feel offence, if U type of person just wanna make your follower list full by attract them with giveaway )
I just wish when a person wanna give big give away because someone do "something" and not because they are your follower :)

But for me, Pixie Dust giveaway is worth to join because in personally for me, She have a pretty blog and a lot of nice thing to read. She have list of things that make me keep stay on her page keep reading on her writing. Plus, Pixie babe, please I wanna try the liquid eyeshadow because so hard for me to find that thingy on my place :( and the brush set picture really tempted me. U must check the picture OUT! U will droll about it..

So this is the list You can win:

Two blue&silver bracelets - one is very elegant and sophisticated and the second one looks like fairy jewelry... pixie dust-ish? :))

Urban Decay "Goddess" eyeshadow. It is a gorgeous shade of blue - the flash on my camera doesn't do it any justice at all. And you all are goddesses, so that fits :))

e.l.f. Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in "Plum".

Estee Lauder Crystal Gloss in "301 Frost" - it looks like liquified pixie dust in a beautiful golden package.

A golden 5-piece brush set. Includes a blush brush, a regular eyeshadow brush, a thingimabob for brushing your eyebrows and separating your eyelasher, a sponge applicator and a lipstick brush.

A LUSH "Snowcake" - Limited Edition! - soap sample (forgot to feature it on the pictures, will not forget to feature it in the actual prize package - pinkie promise :))

or You can check it up on

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