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Well I like to mask my hair, make them look healthy and stronger from the scalp with natural ingredient product. One of my favorite hair mask that can help with my dandruff is Cem ceman Hair mask made by Mustika Ratu- sure made in Indonesia

You can read the purpose of these mask on its cover

And You can see the color of these mask and the texture kinda creamy;

About the smell, being honest maybe some people thought these product really good smell but NO for me :(
But I do like the effect that the mask had give to my hair.Never found in other mask before that can control my dandruff in long duration time without make my hair fall off. I just hate dandruff shampoo that sometimes can make my hair fall of or the mask that sometimes easily make my hair feel oily and make my dandruff come faster.

So.. these is the ingredients:

Overall, this mask is not bad actually. but due to the perfume effect, I guess I'm gonna looking for another alternative.
I just hope the Mustika Ratu company can change the smell tho :(

So a bit flash about my hair after apply the mask for half bottle that I have finish after several used. Plus a bit summer make up look (its kinda hot today :( )

I used:
FTE Sk 2
Bb cream Quick and Clean TFS
KSM minerals blush on

Eyeshadow and lipblam on my eyes ( tyr to make creamy eyeshadow natural look)
Maybelline Mascara
Maybelline Eye Pencil
DHC tonic Eyelashes

Body shop no.46

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