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My blood consist of: Arabian,Malay and Chinese. I enjoy singing and dancing. I love art& beauty. I love classic and vintage thinggy.I love poem and creates one. I would love to reading book too,such as a wisdom book or any motivation book. I dont play any social networking except blogger. I love self treatment,some useful tricks and tips for my life.Sometimes I would like to express myself in here.I would like to write down some review about my life, or any else. One thing: I always feel blessed. Feel it everyday and stay happy! I hope I can inspired u eventho it is a lil thing. Hope U enjoy my blog.I always wish U have a great day there and remember U can't always got what U want but at least GOD have giving u a beautiful chance to smell a beautiful rose! Kiss, chiaki

Hiya my readers...

After long long time..Now I come up with amazing new things in front of U all...I know this product from friend's sister who looks amazing on her 30 with her soft and young skin.And She is used this around 2 years something in long term used and she got amazing result.

I dare to share this info to you,because after I used this, My mom, 2 lil sisters and 1 cousin gain the same experience with me which is they feel their skin getting better and better without foundation or whatever thinggy.

Gonna whisper to you : Being honest, I'm tired to try bb cream to make my face look so much much better and now I come up with the beauty treatment from a beauty clinic that I guess its worth to buy and didn't cause you become such a big spender plus give you such a beautiful natural skin.

My budget for this treatment around Rp 500.000 and u already have your facial (with whitening serum and acne serum) once/2months. The product will be finish in 2 months used.

Here they are..
So I have my soap on here : Price Rp. 60.000 ONLY

As U can see the ingredients here is a natural one..

I love the gel texture..Its transparent color and the smell is so good. You can feel the different after you wash the face from the very 1st time. It make your skin look bright and feel clean. I bet U gonna love it.
Experience told me: One of my sister ONLY use the cleanser, and she can feel the difference with her skin. Thats why she decided to continue another skin product from this production line.

then I go with toner and the creams

So I start to pour the toner on my skin as basic, In the morning I apply the moisturizer cream which has no label (sorry I lose the label) and after that I applied my sunblock and only small amount needed.
On night I had my toner then continue with anti wrinkle then the anti acne.

I know I know..U gonna look so confused with those all creams..But U gonna feel your skin so smooth like a baby. At least thats what I feel on my skin face. I get the amazing result after 3 weeks used.

Talk so long but no PICTURE, I guess its useless ;p
So here my skin face with out make up at all.only cream and sorry my eye bag, I just wake up @_@

With make up and loose powder from Kusuma's

NB: Please don't used any other product to have the best result
U might call their Beauty Center on 021-54372420
the address is : Jln. Utan jati Blok B7 no.1 Jakarta Barat. Cengkareng-Kali deres
U may ask whats the closest address to your area to consult with them. They had open branch in several area in Jakarta.
In Medan, U may go to Klinik Kecantikan Kusuma
Komp. Multatuli Indah
Blok AA no 14-15

Ah well..Next time I gonna talk bout my brace..
Finally ..I had my brace ..yay
I gonna take close snap shot and all experience that I gain from 1st time I had my brace on the next topic..so see u soon babe *kiss n hug*

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