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Cooking Pasta for Beginner chef ;p

How it looks like?
Did I make U hungry?? I hope U can taste these too tho :( but too bad U can't

But don't worry. I will reveal you how to cook this. Without the instant sauce but U CAN MAKE YOUR OWN PASTA SAUCE

Well,these portion of the ingredients suitable for 5 people

1. Tomato : Just use half..this is too much..
2. Small chili or U can used paprika instead.
3. Garlic
4. Red onion
5. Large yellow onion
6. onion leaf
7. chicken meat ball
8. mincemeat
9. sweet soy sauce (a bit ONLY)
10. Oyster sauce (a bit ONLY)
11. broth (a bit ONLY)
12. Cornflour (mix it with quarter water)

then don't forget the La Fonte pasta

Then the tomato and chili sauce

Lets cook the pasta 1st. Boiled the water, REMEMBER U need to wait for the water boiled 1st then after that, U can put the pasta..U must wait til the pasta being cooked suits to your taste. I don't like the pasta too slackness.. so I just wait for a while. It takes me around 4 minutes. Then I sprinkle the onion leaf over the pasta.


Then the sauce,I used butter to cooked these..

Then wait the butter become melt. After that, U can cook the Large yellow onion 1st, cook til become yellow (put it aside of your pan) then after that U can adding the garlic,wait it again til yellow. then adding the red onion. wait til yellow too..

After that U can adding the mincemeat and the meatball then mix all the ingredients.
Then U can mix it with the red and green chili.After U cook for a while...U can put the chili and tomato sauce then adding the oyster sauce , broth and the sweet soy sauce.

Cook it till all mix together then adding water. then the cornflour water ,wait it til for a while.Then stir it til curdle. If U feel the sauce not curdle enough, U can adding again the corn flour just a bit :)

Then Sprinkle the green onion leaf..

Now we are ready for the meals, hmm... Its look yummy.....
the smell and the look really make me droll




  1. Anonymous said...
    Sudah pinter muasak anak mama :p
    I want this so bad...
    Chiaki in here said...
    sama yenti barengan ini nop..
    ya uda ..cepat pulang..biar dimasakin :p
    Anonymous said...
    Pasti! Love you all *muah*
    Nikki San said...
    Hmmmn, that looks yum-o! Way to go Cheffie! ;)
    Chiaki in here said...
    Thanks for dropping by nikki san :)
    Wish can share the food with ya
    Anonymous said...
    It looks really really nice -I think I'll try to make it myself tomorrow:)
    Chiaki in here said...
    Glad U like it hun..
    Hope can share the food with u ;)
    Risyaa♥ said...
    Hi Chiaki!
    Oh my I LOVEE LOVEE food posts.
    I like to cook now since I'm away from my mom & I have to cook to survive over here^^

    Jenny said...
    MMM that looks SO good! please make more of these posts!! I'm beginning to learn how to cook meals at the moment :)
    Chiaki in here said...
    LOL..try it hunny..its easy as 123 :)

    I will jen...
    Enjoy the view ;)

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