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Well, I really love to see people with brightening and whitening skin plus in smooth in healthy way. That's way I have a lil' dream, one day I'm gonna have that type of skin.
I'm kinda addicted to whitening product to apply to my skin til become a bit stupid in purchasing something w/out thinking 1st.

One day, I browse via net, I saw these product called Milky Dress Whitening Lotion, made in japan with contain 250g inside. I purchased these quite long time ago.

I ask the seller whether these lotion as a daily lotion or only in several occasion purpose? She told me more often I used these more often my skin turn to bright and when I apply on my skin it won't look awkward. So without a lot of consideration I buy one. It cost me around IDR 375000 without shipping fee.

When the things had arrived in my place, I directly trying applied it on overall my body.
Geez, U know what?these things really make me look awkward. Its not natural white color that appear on my skin instead it make me look like a clown or theater dancer.

If u wanna make ur skin looking healthy white and natural, I suggest you, dont pick these lotion. U can used these if only U have quite bright skin, so it won't look silly on u, or maybe when u have occasion ONLY. So don't misunderstood by thinking these lotion really help u to turn yourself to have natural white skin,no it won't babe.Trust me. Instead U wanna look awkward in your white color skin, go ahead then :)

I'm gonna show u the texture of cream, feel creamy like cake cream but not oily.

So,this is the shot that picture one with MILKY lotion, the other one, I put nothing

Maybe in these picture, U can see how natural it is. But not in person.

These lotion ever embarrassing me when I try to apply on my leg, I'm quite sure I put it on overall my leg, but after few minutes, it turn my leg to the weird color and become the center of attention. Gee..

So overall, I won't purchased these things again because it only embarrassing me with the result and I'm not happy with it. Its not equal to the price tho



  1. little.lillianna said...
    jesus christ, i almost buy this thing. thanks for the review, chiaki-chan.
    Chiaki in here said...
    your welcome..
    its great if my review being useful by others..
    Ashley said...
    Aw, your skin did look pale. Try using natural-based ingredients on your skin. For me, it's not about whitening the skin but as long as the skin looks even and healthy--that's what's important. Btw, have you ever tried Diana Stalder products? It might be more compatible with your skin.
    Chiaki in here said...
    No never ash..
    I dont think so I can found it in INdonesia :)
    Anonymous said...
    I just read your review on the Milky Dress Pack. The instructions for the pack is: you have to leave it for around 10 minutes and then wash it off. Did you wash it off? Maybe that's why yours came out too white and ghostly?

    Please try washing it off and if you can, make a review about it after if its any better than before.
    Anonymous said...
    I just want to ask whats the scent of this lotion and the texture,,is it like the texture of a hair mousse. I just purchase one like this and i'm having doubts..plesae help thanks..
    Chiaki in here said...
    Wash it off?Are u sure?
    Bcoz I had tried and the result is just the same and even wash all the thinggy...

    The scent of this lotion is guava tho..whats urs?
    Anonymous said...
    Thank you for informing others about this lotion, I thought it is a real whitening lotion, but it isn't. Have a nice day!

    from Philippines
    Anonymous said...
    do you still have this? i'll buy it from you for a lower price.
    Chiaki in here said...
    Yeap I still got one bottle and still full...U could email me on chiakiyoshikuni@gmail.com if u still interested :)

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