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Hiya ladies..I know its been a long time I don't show up on these corner :)

Some of you sure waiting for my review bout the DHC huh?

So I'm gonna reveal all the detail about this DHC to ya...

The ingredients of DHC eyelash tonic is Water, Butylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Phenoxyethannol, Carbomer, Aminomethyl Propanol (made in Japan). I bought this IDR.150.000 bought at my local beauty saloon.

And its coincidence, I'm gonna compare these with mavala because I ever used the mavala before this DHC. and I'm sure U had kinda familiar about the mavala.

Ist, I afraid its gonna irritate my eyes like use the MAVALA double lash before, but the fact its not. I applied this every morning and before I going to sleep.

2nd, Mavala Double lash gimme sticky feeling every time I wake up on early morning while this DHC not.

3rd, Have smell like jelly and the applicator really help us easily to applied it on root (sorry was forgotten take the picture)

4th, Most of all: I'm happy with the result of DHC as U seen below :)eventho not dramatic result like what I wish (used it for 2 bottles)

click the picture for better view, excuse the CAMERA LIGHT

how bout mavala? too bad, Its not work well on me

Well'. I hope these review can help you a lot before you purchasing the DHC and make sure the product is not FAKE. I do admit this DHC kinda work on me but again I really wish the dramatic result will work on me. I guess I'm gonna try the others , such as DERMAFLEECE? (my sister used it for temporary, she say its work on her, but I prefer prove it on myself so I guess I will go for that soon)

Have anyone used the DERMAFLEECE before?and would u share with me about ur experience?


  1. naturalnchicmakeup said...
    I have not used any of these products before. Is this for eyelash growth?
    Chiaki in here said...

    U should try these babe :)

    but I will give a try to Derma..
    I dont really like used mascara tho..its better if I have my own lash..
    miss lie said...
    hey i ever used DERMAFLEECE and it works on me and also my mom!!
    i just used it about half month maybe but i can see the result :)
    and now my eyelashes become longer when i used egyptian magic cream :D
    try DERMAFLEECE, maybe it is better than mavala and dhc
    Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...
    i think i should try this product :) nice blog!
    dela said...
    well, such as nice product!! :)

    if you're interested, you can follow my books-of-dela giveaway! we have seven free books!!
    woits said...
    I've tried DHC. It worked well, esp for voluming my lashes. I didn't really notice if it lengthened my upper lashes, but it changed my lower lashes a lot, they became noticeable :D
    I want to try dermafleece. Anyone knows where to get it? ^^

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