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I'm gonna share to u..what I'm purchase yesterday.
So here is the picture

I have
1.OLAY Total effects : Advanced daily mosturizer with cooling essence
2.BULLA Fruit N Yogurt
3. Supermax syrine 4 her with 4 blade INNOVATION

Let's check it out one by one.. Are u ready my ladies? :)

OLAY Total effects : Advanced daily mosturizer with cooling essence

It costs me only IDR 79.ooo
Why I buy these, because I've been searching for the things that can moisture my skin with anti aging effect. I've been searching n searching , finally I give a try on these. As I see in advertisement in my local channel television, they keep advertise these thinggy. So I give a try on this OLAY.

I love the hygienic of these product, as u can see here..

and lets check the ingredients

I wish these OLAY being produced without the fragrance. The smell itself didn't annoyed me but you know actually put your skin treatment with fragrance is not really a good thinggy.

the texture kinda light. I love how it absorb to my skin. After all, I will give a complete review after I used it for a month I guess. But I love it because didn't make me feel of greasy when I woke up early morning or even when i'm in my activity,this OLAY completely didn't make my face produced lot more oily on my face.
Temporary I love these product.

BULLA Fruit N Yogurt

I'm really big fans of Yogurt :) so when I saw these , I directly grab these and try these yogurt. The taste not really sweet. I pick these because these yogurt free of artificial colors or flavors. Love these..

Supermax syrine 4 her with 4 blade INNOVATION

I love my feet and my armpit free of HAIR. I hate waxing, its hurt. I try the creams that can make the hairs fall off but kinda hard to found the good one. So finally I go back to razor blades technology . For me,these way is more safe and effective to "hush" the hairs. So I give these tools a try. As U can see, these tools especially used for sensitive skin. Its cheap, only IDR 24.ooo.
Made in India

It says that:
4 blade innovations for a close, smooth finish

lubricating strip with Aloe Natural Oil and Vitamin E

Unique handle for greater comfort and control

Pivoting head to hug your curver

P.S. Don't forget keep following my blog, I will give u about the OLAY review in a month from now plus DHC eyelashes tonic



  1. dechan said...
    waaw.. that supermax syrine is cute..
    where did you buy it? is it comfy?
    I also prefer shaving than waxing.
    Btw, I put your link in my post: Local Beauty Bloggers.. go check it out ;)
    Chiaki in here said...
    Thanks for putting my link on your blog and I'm happy u enjoy dropping by on my tinny place..

    I bought it in my local supermarket that usually selling import thinggy. They have a lot good things there.

    I dont know whether this is comfy or not. Still haven't try yet..
    Probably will review it ASAP darling :)
    depoeh said...
    the olay smells like pantene shampoo.
    Jadi aneh serasa ngasih sampo ke muka. fu fu fu.
    perlu pake sunblock lagi ya?
    Chiaki in here said...
    yah kae nya kusam di muka..gonna review about olay soon soon tho

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